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How can I cancel my plan?
How can I cancel my plan?

Cancel or pause your account

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If you signed up from

You can cancel or pause your subscription on your Subscriptions page (in the upper-right corner menu select "settings" and then "subscription"). Please log into your account from any web browser. You cannot currently cancel from the PlateJoy mobile app; you can only cancel through the PlateJoy website.

You can select to cancel subscription, change plan or payment, or pause.

Under Settings, choose 'Subcription'  and you will have two choices: to cancel subscription or change plan or payment method, or at the very bottom you can pause for 1 month (left box) or 2 months (right box at the bottom)

Please note you currently cannot cancel on the mobile app; you can only cancel through the PlateJoy website.

If you signed up from the mobile app

For new subscribers, the free trial does not show up as an active subscription, and you do not need to cancel. You will NOT be automatically subscribed or charged when your free trial ends.
For active subscriptions (if you have already paid but do not wish to renew), open the Apple App Store if you have an iPhone or Google Play if you have an Android. Under Settings, go to your Subscriptions. Select the PlateJoy app and you can cancel the subscription from there.

Apple's rules prevent PlateJoy from seeing any payment information submitted through the App Store. You can learn more about cancelations and refunds from Apple here:

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