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How many meals will be in my menu?

Learn how to edit the number of meals in your menu.

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You can select as many meals as you’d like, or change the number from week to week, depending on your schedule. When customizing your menu you will be able to select how many meals you'd like and how much variety you prefer. You will also see a question here asking "How Much Variety?"

This screen asks how many days do you want Dinner with options 0-6 and includes the 3 bowls symbolizing variety level of a little, some, and a lot, left to right

Three options to choose from:

A little, I love a routine

Some - A mix of a few things is fine

A lot - something new everyday

If you select "a little" or "some", some of your recipes will be doubled. On your menu, the recipes that are doubled will say: “This recipe makes double. Enjoy leftovers tomorrow.”

We recommend selecting "a lot of variety" if you don't desire any repeated meals.

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