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How do I know how much of each recipe to eat?
How do I know how much of each recipe to eat?
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How do I know how much of each recipe to eat?

You can choose from a Small, Medium, Large or Extra large portion size in your personalization settings. Each portion size includes a total daily calorie range that encompasses all meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks or desserts. Here’s the breakdown of each portion size option:

  • Small

1,050–1,350 daily calories

Best for children up to 5 years old and petite adults

  • Medium

1,400–1,800 daily calories

Best for children 6 to 12 years old and older adults

  • Large

1,750–2,250 daily calories

Best for teens and adults with light to moderately active lifestyles

  • Extra large

2,100–2,700 daily calories

Best for adults with very active lifestyles and those trying to gain weight.

Remember that these are average calorie ranges and do not take individual needs into account.

All of our recipes will scale to your selected portion size. Depending on the ingredients, sometimes this scaling might not be exact. That’s why we use calorie ranges, as opposed to exact calorie counts to express portion size. For example, a recipe that calls for eggs will scale to include 1 egg whether your portion size maps to ⅓ of an egg or 1 ½ eggs since that’s a more realistic amount for that ingredient.

Portion sizes are represented in pie charts on recipe pages. These graphs will break down a recipe into servings that match your selected portion size and that of others at your table. It’ll also show what percentage might be saved for leftovers. If you’re not sure exactly how the portion size percentage translates to the recipe when it’s made, that’s OK – just use your best judgment and be sure to eat enough to fuel your body!

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