How do I track what I eat to Fitbit?
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How do I track what I eat to Fitbit?

Connecting your Fitbit is easy! You can connect a FitBit to your PlateJoy account on your settings page.

  1. Select the menu icon in the upper corner and select "settings"

  2. On your settings menu, select "Devices"

3. Select "Connect Fitbit"

4. Follow the instructions on screen to make sure you are connected to the correct FitBit account on your device. Then, select CONNECT

5. Allow PlateJoy to post nutritional information to your account by making sure the checkboxes are selected.

6. If you have multiple family members associated with your PlateJoy account, select which person to associate with this wearable.

You can associate additional FitBits with other family members by using the "Connect Fitbit" link again.

Once you have connected one or more FitBits, it's easy to track what you eat.

On a recipe page, select "Track to Fitbit" and then select the appropriate meal on the dropdown. This will track nutritional information to all connected FitBit accounts. PlateJoy will send the correct nutritional values to each account based on every person's selected portion size.

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