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How can I include leftovers in my plan?
How can I include leftovers in my plan?
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How can I include leftovers in my plan?

There are several ways to add more leftovers to your PlateJoy plan!

When customizing your menu each week, you'll have the option to select to have dinner leftovers for lunch each day. If you choose this, your dinner will be doubled and you will have enough for a second serving at lunch.

Under the Lunch section the top bar with a box is where you check 'Use leftovers from dinner' and then click on how many days to have leftovers for lunch just below, choosing from 0-6 days

We also recommend that if you like leftovers, select "a little" or "some" to the question "How Much Variety?" on the Customizations page. On your menu, the recipes that are doubled will say: “This recipe makes double. Enjoy leftovers tomorrow.”

Another option to add leftovers is by adding another "person" to your plan.

For more leftover options, you can use our batch meal options.

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