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How do I choose my portion size?
How do I choose my portion size?
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There are three ways you can determine what portion size is best for you.

1. ) Use the Calorie calculator. You can find this on your settings page. You will enter your height, weight, sex assigned at birth, and activity level to find an estimate of your body’s daily caloric needs. From here, we will suggest a PlateJoy portion size to best fit your calorie recommendation.

To access the Calorie calculator:
1. Select “Settings” from the menu in the top right corner of your browser or top left corner of your mobile app

2. Select “Meal preferences” from the options

3. Select the pencil icon for “My health goals”

4. Select "get a recommendation"

2.) Enter a personal goal. If you already have a daily caloric goal in mind, you can choose to enter it on the “My health goals” page under “Settings.”. Your portion size will update to fit your caloric needs.

3.) Select portion size. You can choose which portion size you would like on your “Meal preferences” page under the “My table” heading. Click the pencil next to your name to edit.

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