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What is the PlateJoy Path?
What is the PlateJoy Path?
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The PlateJoy path is a new eating plan that promotes nutritious food groups to nourish you and your family. It’s designed by our team of nutrition experts.

The PlateJoy path is powered by nutrition profiling – the science of ranking foods based on their nutrient content. To determine a recipe’s nutritional value, we calculate the quality of its ingredients, based on the nutrients they contain.

First, we focus on the number of nutrients and foods that fuel your body, like fiber, protein, and veggies. Then, we compare it to the amount of added sugars, saturated fat, or other nutrients that are better in limited quantities. We put our findings together to score our recipes. Finally, we rank them based on their quality scores.

When you follow the PlateJoy path, we’ll help you build your menu using recipes with the highest nutritional quality scores. These recipes are labeled as Balanced plates.

All Balanced plate recipes are easily identified with a badge.

Learn how to follow the PlateJoy path HERE.

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