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How does PlateJoy save me money on groceries?
How does PlateJoy save me money on groceries?
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PlateJoy uses a waste reduction algorithm that works to save you money on groceries by reducing food waste. You may notice the same ingredient being used across a few recipes for your week. This means a shorter and less expensive grocery list.

PlateJoy noticed that when menus were made with enough meals to cover a full 7 days, the result was more food waste and higher grocery bills. For that reason, PlateJoy lets you select 6 breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks for each new menu.

To further decrease food costs, please try the following:

  1. Select a low level of variety when creating your meal plan. This will provide you with recipes that have leftovers or can be made twice.

A picture of 3 bowls, symbolizing low, medium, and high variety, to choose from
  1. Add batch meals to your menu. Batch meals provide enough food for multiple meals.

3 bowls symbolizing a batch meal with options to choose 6 or 9 meals

Select to include recipes with less expensive ingredients. On your “Meal preferences” page, find the cost question under the "Ingredients" section.

Here, cost choice is OK with more expensive on top and prefer to save money when choosing the bottom box
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